Awakening your soul

Oct 23 - Oct. 31st 2022
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Heal the heart, Heal the soul

Pre-Requisite to attend the retreat is a 6-week class -"Living in Flow through the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel". The class will be offered twice before the retreat. See details in class link above to sign up.

The retreat experience:

Immerse yourself within Sacred Sites and Energy vortexes with guided journeys and healing practices.

Experience the Land as a wisdom keeper of the medicine wheel.

Immerse your heart into the teachings of our allies - Serpant, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle/Condor as we move through the islands terrain and energy.

Shamanic journeys to engage the subconscious mind and access your connection to unconditional love to cleanse,purify and assist your journey.

Experience the deep wisdom and teachings of the Goddess Pele and honoring her with gifts.

Deep, life-changing Munay Ki rights and practices to Heal the Mother Wound within the lava tubes.

Experience the power of the support of your Ohana (group) through laughter, play, swimming, hiking, earthing in ancient forests

Ceremony, ritual, fire, music and sacred sound to raise your vibration and tap into manifesting through the flow of divine love.

Personal shamanic guidance when requested

Individual time to follow your own Inner Guidance

Join me on a Shamanic Adventure retreat to deepen your connection to Source and all of life, at a truly sacred destination, Big Island of Hawaii. A magical and inspirational place to experience the Aloha Spirit and connect with the powerful and nurturing nature of the unconditional love that Hawaii vibrates with.

E Komo Mai.

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Location and Rythm of the Week:

Location for our 9 day/8night adventure-

Arrive at Kona International Airport morning of Oct. 23. followed by ocean front non-hosted lunch. Drive 2 hours to Hilo, Hawaii. Welcome Ceremony, then off to the magical rainforest of Volcano, Hawaii.


6 NIGHTS OCEAN FRONT PRIVATE HOME KEALAKEKUA BAY, HAWAII According to sacred geometry, this bay is one of the planet’s 10 major vortices and has a pre-disposition for inter-dimensional experiences.

The Shamanic Adventure 9day/8nights schedule

Oct. 23-25 - 2 Nights Volcano Hawaii

Black Sand Beach Opening Sacred Ceremony , Welcome Kava Ceremony, Waterfall Hike, Ancient rainforest bathing, Kileaua hike and picnic. E ho Mai offering to Pele, Andean Munay Ki Rights of the Womb/Rebirthing Ceremony Thruston Lava Tubes, Evening Fire Ceremony at current erupting Halemaʻumaʻu crater in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park (Volcano activity is purely up to Goddess Pele)

Oct. 25-31 7 days/6 nights Kealakekua Bay

Daily guided Andean Medicine Wheel Shamanic Journeys and practices, Daily Yoga, Daily swims, and Sunset and Moon Shows, Stargazing in the ocean front hot tub in the darkest skies, Cacao Ceremony and Ho'oponopono Ceremony at Ancient Hawaiian Sacred Sight, New Moon Ceremony, Optional Spa and Farmers Market day. And a powerful weaving of the group heart field dynamic within your heart-centered Ohana


This Shamanic retreat is medicine for the soul, join Mitzi Andros as we journey into the heart.

Journey into the Ancient Wisdom of the Andean Medicine Wheel on a unique Shamanic Adenture. Learn to live your life through your HEART. Reconnect to your sacred ground through a HEART that is fully tapped into its highest vibration. We will work with the island's Energy, Mana, Hawaii, an island where healing and spiritual growth is amplified.

Vibrant and Nourishing daily vegetarian meals, daily snacks, fresh local fruit, drinks all Included.

This is an adventure, so flexiblity and group sleeping arrangements is part of that adventure. Trust me you won't even notice any minor discomforts you may percieve as, out of your vacation 'norm", as you are held in the deep heart energy of Big Island. Her breezes will kiss you into a deep slumber every night.

But we don't want anyone to miss the adventure so with that all said- if you require differrent sleeping arrangements I can suggest other local accomodations, those costs would be incurred and booked by you as sole responsible party.

Please see registration for pricing and room information. Pricing does not include airfare.

Included Excursions

Kileaua Volcano National Park Day Hike and Evening viewing of the current lava flow.

Black Sand Beach/ Turtles Picnic, Waterfall Hike, Kava Cafe ceremonial welcome drink, Stay in private homes in and volcano side Ancient Rainforest, sleep in a powerful transformational spirit changing vortex, daily Swims in Kealakekua Bay (magical and known for its pod of spinner dolphins), daily Yoga/Tabata workouts.


MAMALOA HOT TUB AND MASSAGE- best rainforest spa ever!