Breathe Beyond Boundaries

Big Island,Hawaii for
8 days/7 nights Feb. 26- March 5 2022
at the Whale Spirit Sanctuary Retreat Center
The quality of our breath is the quality of our life and every breathe is a new beginning.
Experience the power of your breathe in a whole new way.
Big Island Retreat
Feb. 26th - March 5 2022
Breathe Beyond Boundaries

It's your time to Breathe Expansiveness into every part of your Mind, Body and Soul. Let the whales,dolphins and stars above be your guides at

Whale Spirit Sanctuary Retreat Center in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii.

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Experience life beyond boundaries and surrender to a life expanded.

-Learn how to increase the quality of your breathe and connect deeply into your breath expression, through the Breath Mapping Method- appropriate for all lung capacity's.

-Explore, with ease, the edges of your physical boundaries through breath and daily Yamuna body rolling and explore boundaries felt and discover new ways to expand through them.

-Discover, what I believe is, the most powerful tool to aging vibrantly and deepening your presence of being in the Now, Experience the power of Vagus Nerve toning , a reset for your nervous system,

-The energy body informs the physical body- Immerse into the power of Ancient Wisdom to explore and develop a connected and illuminated energy body, your true soul's sanctuary, through Shamanic Journey's and Meditations.

Nature is our greatest teacher. Expand your breath with the Whales, Dolphins and the Stars Above.

Led by Intuitive Wellness Shamanic Practitioner, Mitzi Andros

Please see registration for pricing and room information. Pricing does not include airfare.

5% of the retreats proceeds benefitting our non-profit of choice The Whale Sanctuary Project.

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Join Mitzi Andros, on the Island of Hawaii, for a blissful week, breathing into your
Souls Sanctuary.

The Rythm of the Week

Start your day with morning meditations and Breath Mapping Sessions

Afternoon movement and wholebody Fascia Release with Yamuna Body Rolling and Foot Fix Sessions

Shaman Nights: Journey into Ancient Wisdom every evening with Shamanic Journey's, learn to connect with your spirit animals, sound healing and stepping into the Islands Energy Vortex where healing and spiritual growth is amplified.

Daily excursions to Kealakekua Bay, famous for the spinner dolphins, and even whales have been known to come into the bay, providing magical moments typically early morning, where the invitation is to move our morning breath practice, down to the bay, where we can be with the whales, listening to their whales songs and for the more adventurous, morning snorkels into the waters, where they are swimming.

Vibrant and Nourishing daily vegetarian meals, daily snacks, fresh local fruit, drinks all Included.

Included Excursions

An afternoon Spiritual Whale Watching Boat Tour

Stargazing Evening (Feel your breath expand into the stars, as you experience some of the darkest skies in the world, to view the night sky and her magnificent show. When was the last time you really saw the milky way?)

Open to do daily swim/snorkel/paddleboarding in Kealakekua Bay, known for the spinner dolphins, and occasional whale sightings within the bay

Optional Experiences:


Night Snorkel with Manta Rays on a sustainable animal-safe outrigger canoe.

Snorkeling/Paddleboarding on Kealakekua Bay.

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