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  • Living in Flow through the Andean Medicine Wheel

    pre-requisite for Oct. retreat

    6wks 5/10-6/14 or 8/2-9/6
    6:30-8:30pm Virtual

    Join me in this introductory class to learn how to tap into the powerful Andean Medicine Wheel as your ally and guide in all aspects of your life. Learn why for thousands of years, the wheel has helped the Earth Keepers live in full alignment and flow. It's your birthright to live in your full potential of your life force Energy connect with it through the Ancient Wisdom found within the Andean Medicine Wheel.

    Wk. 1- Introductotry into the Andean Medicine Wheel Concepts, journey to find your power animal that will accompany you on your journey.

    Wk2-5: Learn about the different aspects of how Serpant, Jaguar, Hummingbird,Eagle/Condor can guide you through your journey to your true self, feeling safe and nurtured. Experience weekly sacred fire ceremony, releasing what is blocking you from living in flow.

    wk 6: Group Ceremony and honoring of our journey, new awarenesses and discovery of how to live your life fully in flow.

  • Yamuna Body Rolling - SONOMA,CA

    Weekly Sonoma Tuesday morning class 10am - 11am - address given after registration.

    Moving the sacred body with heart centered energetic intention using Yamuna Body Rolling to create an opening in the physical and energetic body.