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In my Shamanic energy intuitive coaching sessions, I act as a vessel to channel the guidance and tools to assist in releasing what does not serve you and to gain clarity as to what does serve you. Looking within, our shadow parts, your past, your future it is all welcome here.

Life's journey, is like a layer cake, sometimes those layers of life become too heavy and sticky for us to bare and they get too close for us to see our way out, and it all lays within our bodies, our physical and energetic bodies. When we can begin to shift it, it will change your lifes perspective.

The container we create together is a safe place for all parts of yourself to be nourished, seen and discovered. I honor the path you are on, just as you are.

Zen buddha, gua sha, and candle flat lay
90 min. intuitive Energy Medicine Session

Recommended for first appointment:

Virtual or In-person offered

The light that never goes out!
60 min. Intuitive Energy Medicine Session

Virtual or In-person offered

6-month One-on-One Coaching Journey

Coaching with me is a collaboration. Supporting you in diving deep. Enlightening, tough, and tender questions are explored paving the way for greater levels of access to your life force energy, abundance, creativity, health, and vitality.

What's included : 2- 2hour sessions per month, weekly 30min check-ins and text support as needed.2 4-hour personal retreats(bookending the 6 months)- virtual or in-person, Guidance in developing new routines to support your inner work,6 personalized channeled recorded guided meditations/journeys. Let's work together to align your internal dreams and desires with your external world.

Personal Day Retreats <br/>1 person $600<br/>
Personal Day Retreats
1 person $600

4.5 hr. customized focused day retreat.

Virtual or In-person. Feel deeply supported and nurtured as we deep dive and do the deep work in a day set aside to focus on finding your internal pathways to a life lived in connection to your inner self, safely, aware, and staying curious and open to new possibilities.

Group retreats are available for bookings.

Boutique Ceremonies

Home and Property Balancing and Clearing: Pricing is based on square footage, property size, and specific needs such as but not exclusive; new home owners, moving energy of past owners, healing and grounding land/homes/winery's post fire,shift in homeowners life etc.

Also on offer:

Spiritual Wedding Officiant

Fire/Water.Ceremony to honor or release

Group Meditations/ Guided Journeys and sacred breathwork workshops

Birthday or Anniversary Honoring Despacho ritual

Call to discuss your vision or wishes for your own unique Boutique Ceremony or Event.

Sacred Death Rites/ <br/>Clairvoyent Sessions:
Sacred Death Rites/
Clairvoyent Sessions:


Connecting with those who have past this plain can be incredibly healing and sometimes a necessary step in the healing process. Recognizing not all passings are a known event, often times leaving those who are left behind and the souls that have passed on, needing an honoring ceremony and connection. It is my honor and sacred service I offer to you at this moment in your life.

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