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About Solebody
If You Are Ready To Shift, Heal, Release, Realign, Expand, and Awaken?


I am honored to guide you through the deep layers of remembering your souls purpose and awakening to the luminous energy that is you. Putting you in touch with your own inner wisdom.

As an Intuitive Bodyworker for over 20 years, moving and shifting my clients bodies, the awareness that, the soul needs more room than the body, became more and more crystal clear and became my path to creating a practice as an Energy Medicine Healing Coach.

As a student of the worlds most renowned school of energy medicine, The Four Winds Society, I am honored to help you dream a new world into being.


Mitzi Andros
Meet Mitzi

As a gifted Transformational Intuitive Healer and Health Coach, Mitzi Andros, following her souls calling, is now integrating Energy Medicine Healing into her healing practice, applying Ancient Shamanic Wisdom with Modern Science, re-connecting you to your innate gifts and lighting up your life's path.

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